Adaptive ZeroTrust made easy: Auto-generate least-privilege policies based on user activity in real time! Accelerate the adoption of smart access control

The AWSZeroTrustPolicy is a FastAPI application that helps you generate AWS IAM policies based on AWS CloudTrail logs.

Key Benefits

Reduced attack surface

Least-privilege access minimizes the potential impact of breaches and data leaks.

Enhanced Flexibility

You can customize policies and configure exceptions to fit your specific needs.

Improved Security Posture

Continuous monitoring and policy updates keep your defenses up-to-date against evolving threats.

Open Source

Contribute to the project and benefit from the community's collective security expertise.

This approach minimizes the potential damage from unauthorized access and insider threats in a scalable, easy to implement way

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Together, we can build a more secure cloud ecosystem by embracing Zero Trust principles and leveraging open-source solutions like AWSZeroTrustPolicy.

Embrace Zero Trust Policy, accelerate the security of your deployments!